An exciting new fishing product!

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Yes, this is the famous MarkFish which lets you make waypoints on your GPS from your Fish finder or from an external button.

The unit comes with wiring instructions, a set of 8 x Heatshrink glueline crimp connectors, and a 1 Amp standard blade fuse.


Markfish enclosure is fully sealed against liquid ingress, and has integrated mounting holes

Marine grade wiring

Operating Voltage: 9 to15Vdc

Power consumption: Approx 100mA

Serial Input: Connects to NMEA 0183 OUT from Fish Finder

Serial Output: Connects to NMEA 0183 IN of GPS

Serial Data: 4800 Bits per second, 8 Bit word, No parity, 1 Stop bit.

External waypoint trigger: Waypoint is sent to GPS when this wire is earthed using a suitable push button. (Button is not included)

Dimensions: (Approx ) W: 8cm x H: 4cm x D: 2.5cm

Weight: (Approx) 200 gram


Please fill in your mailing address, and the make and model of your fish finder/sounder and GPS.

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